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01.31 Tribute to Daniel Jackson at Dizzy’s, San Diego

The 4th annual Daniel Jackson week commemorates the veteran saxophonist and composer who above all valued sincere musical expression.  My mentor, bassist Marshall Hawkins has organized this tribute concert at Dizzy’s on Saturday, January 31 with some great musicians to perform some of Daniel’s work.

Place: Dizzy’s, 4275 Mission Bay Drive, San Diego, CA 92109
Date & Time: Saturday, January 29 2015, 8pm-10pm
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01.29 Tribute to Daniel Jackson, San Diego

Since 2011, January 24 marks the start of Daniel Jackson week in San Diego. The veteran saxophonist and composer passed on September 3, 2014, and this year we will be commemorating his legacy with two special programs. My mentor, bassist Marshall Hawkins has organized a tribute at 98 Bottles on Thursday, January 29.

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There will also be a concert at Dizzy’s on Saturday, January 31.

Place: 98 Bottles, 2400 Kettner Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101
Date & Time: Thursday, January 29 2015, 8pm-10pm



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1.23 Jazz Corner, Hilton Head, with Pianist Kris Tokarski

I am enjoying the progress of young stride virtuoso, Kris Tokarski. He has been voraciously absorbing early New Orleans-style piano and will showcase a trio program with drummer Hal Smith and me at Hilton Head’s Jazz Corner. If you are near there or know anyone in that area, make sure we see you.

Place: The Jazz Corner, The Village at Wexford C-1, Hilton Head, SC
Date & Time: Friday & Saturday, January 23 & 24 2015, 8pm-11pm



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1.12 Dizzy’s Club with Pianist Eli Yamin

Other than the cold and snow, it’s great to be back in NYC for a concert at Dizzy’s in the Jazz at Lincoln Center complex. Pianist Eli Yamin and I don’t see each other much so our program celebrating our CD, Louie’s Dream released last year stays fresh. Furthermore, going as a duo ensures that sparks will fly.

Place: Jazz at Lincoln Center, 10 Columbus Cir, NY-NY
Date & Time: Monday, January 12 2015, 7:30 & 9:30



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12.27 Storyville Centennial Project in Italy

Umbria.WinterThe Storyville Centennial Project is a new ensemble that Don Vappie and I formed after being invited to the 2014 festival, Umbria Jazz Winter. Since our debut last October to celebrate Jelly Roll Morton’s birth anniversary, the group’s repertoire has expanded to celebrate all of our musical heroes.  Vappie’s brand of “Creole Jazz” and my agenda of finding new ways to treat classic New Orleans music inform our concert programs that will take place each night from Dec. 27 through Jan 1.

Place: Orvieto, Italy
Date & Time: December 27-January 1 2014
Line-Up: Evan Christopher, Don Vappie, Kris Tokarski, Benji Bohannon, Kevin Louis, Michael Watson, Sebastien Girardot



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12.11 Basquiat and the Blues

Basquiat.BluesOn Thursday, December 11, I will debut my “Basquiat & the Blues,” a commission by the Ogden Museum and the Curator of Southern Music, Libra LaGrone. I’m calling it a “live sound installation” consisting of short “soundscapes” that will accompany the nine works in Prospect 3’s exhibition, “Basquiat and the Bayou.” Although the pieces exhibited for “Basquiat and the Bayou” were all created prior to Jean-Michel Basquiat‘s 1988 visit to New Orleans, they were selected for their references to the South. My goal is for the music to be in dialogue with the pieces and to emphasize their cultural implications and recurring themes of dignity and creative potency. The band will include Herlin Riley, Don Vappie, David Pulphus and Alfred Roberts.

The show will be from 6pm to 8pm on the main floor of Goldring Hall, the Ogden’s foyer.

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