Evocative and engaging, clarinetist Evan Christopher loves opportunities to share his passion for the clarinet, especially the New Orleans style and legendary musicians who have inspired his journey on "Clarinet Road."

For the general public, Christopher's presentations range from discussions of specific musicians to colorful accounts of the rich musical history of New Orleans. On the other hand, students of music all over the world have benefited from the lessons that can be gleaned from understanding the roots of New Orleans music. Christopher also has unique approaches to coaching soloists and ensembles that come directly from the same pedagogy that created the first generation of jazz musicians.

Interactive sessions emphasize the traditions and performance practices unique to New Orleans to develop a wide range of skills, including:

• Improvisation

• Preparation for performance

• Clarinet techniques

• Team building and leadership

• Teaching and classroom skills

Although Evan Christopher's presentations cover an array of topics, like his musical performances, they aim to tell a story that will elevate and inspire.

[Private lessons available in conjunction with workshops]

Please contact us for a list of his workshop credits and their layout and requirements.


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