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Event News 2013.07.09 Brosella

Brussels, Belgium July,2013

When Django a la Creole made a short tour in January, the organizers told me that a young Belgian jazz group wished to invite me as a guest to perform with them at the "Brosella Folk & Jazz Festival." It turns out that this was actually a condition for their participation.

The festival billed me as their "Carte Blanche Guest."  I'm not sure what that means exactly, but I think it implies that they have to do whatever I ask of them. Their passion for classic New Orleans music is a good foundation but I think my role will be to help them find a more personal approach to performing this music.

I will also give a talk with a Belgian musicologist to discuss the similarities of New Orleans jazz to the Belgian folk tradition, and a masterclass for clarinetists about New Orleans style.

It will be a great week and the weather forecast is good too. Here is a link to the festival program.





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