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Event News 2013.06.25 Summer 2013

Summer, 2013

Just like musicians have done for nearly two centuries, summer's are for taking New Orleans music to the world. In the early 19th century, it was our opera companies wowing the Northeast with the best French opera productions outside of Paris. Now, it's music festival time all across Europe.

This weekend, in Brussels, I have been billed with a young Belgian band called Big Noise as their "Carte Blanche Guest"  I'm not sure what that means exactly, but I think it implies that they have to do whatever I ask of them. They have a passion for classic New Orleans music, so that's a great start. I suppose the goal is to help them find their personal approach. I'm also giving some workshops and masterclasses, so it will be a fun week and a great opportunity to bring new understanding of the traditions of jazz as it evolved in New Orleans.

8-14 July (Brussels, BELGIUM): This special residency to coach a young traditional jazz band then perform with them at the Brosella Folk & Jazz Festival consists of a full weekend of activity.

22 July (Dendermonde, BELGIUM): I get to see my old friend Dirk van der Linde and hear some of my music with a burning organ trio.

24-27 July (Edinburgh, SCOTLAND): Returning to Edinburgh, one of my favorite festivals for two unique programs. Scottish drummer Ken Mathieson is a double threat with some mad arranging skills. His Classic Jazz Orchestra will feature me with original arrangements of material associated with New Orleans clarinet greats. The other concerts, under the stewardship of bassist Roy Percy, will feature classic material of the great John Kirby band.





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