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Event News 2013.05.16 Clarinet Road Chatel Guyon Dance Festival

May 17-18, 2013 JAZZ AUX SOURCES (Chatel Guyon, France)

In the Auvergne region, about 15 minutes from Clermont Ferrand, Chatel Guyon becomes the Swing capitol of France each year at this annual dance festival.

For this international "Clarinet Road" ensemble, my "Jazz Traditions Project" welcomes the addition of Dutch pianist, Harry Kanters and London-based trumpeter Enrico Tomasso.

The band will have a concert and a late dance set on Friday, 17 May. Then, on Saturday night I'll represent for a New Orleans-themed "Dance Party."


 Plus d'infos à le JAZZ AUX SOURCES website en Francais.







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