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Event News 2013.03.15 Cafe Istanbul Healing Celebration


This Sunday, 17 March: Café Istanbul co-presents at the NO Healing Center "A Celebration of Healing" with Matt Lemmler's New Orleans Jazz Revival Band.

At this revival in two senses of the word, Jazz Revival Band members Kim Prevost, Bill Solley, Evan Christopher, Rex Gregory, Ray Moore, Michael Watson, Ashlin Parker, Bobby Campo, Steve Masakowski, James Singleton will perform with NO-born Dan Caro, drummer and inspirational speaker.

St Patrick's Day is the anniversary of Caro's being severely burned at age two. Defying doctor's prognosis of certain death, he not only lived but faced down ostracism and agony to become a testifier to the power of self-determination.

The performance premiers the Lemmler Family Band; with special healers Pastor Joe McKeever, Norman Nail, folk healer/masseur and Chuck Perkins, poet.

The event starts at 8:30.

"[Dan Caro] ...something that only comes from when you go into a place beyond excuses. He's a testament of spiritual attraction. Not shuckin'and jiving, slippin' and slidin', or making excuses. ...[He] elevated our consciousness into a place of spiritual courage."

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